Kindred of the East: the Song of Lanterns

Mixing Kan & Li

(the Fire & Water Test)

It has been almost a year of training. You know the ways of the Kuei-jin, the nature of your existence on the karmic wheel. You are no longer heimin, one of the “non-people” after tonight… if your survive your Fire and Water Test.

You are to represent a new company, a research and development firm called Sasori (Scorpion) Corp. It is just a front, where new disciples can prove their worth to the Bishamon genji.

The Test is at the Imperial Palace, where the Corporation’s Inauguration Celebration will take place in the East Garden. Rumor has it the Bishamon Ancestor of All Japan, Hakari, will be there.

May you live in interesting times. May you gain the notice of those in higher places. My your every wish come true…

This is the big one, guys. Where you pick your Dharmic Path, Direction, and receive your court name. Let’s make it epic!

Here’s the deal:
Dire Peril rule is in effect.
*You (the player) have to actually recite (aloud) your specific passage of the Fivefold Way at this gala without help.
*You may use any amount of Style you have accumulated to make truths about *who
is at the party, but not who is not at the party.
*This is a very public place with lots of news cameras and human witnesses.



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