Kindred of the East: the Song of Lanterns

The Ceremony of Names

My New Family

The Naming of new Kuei-jin in the Tokyo Court is no small affair. There are courtesies and etiquette that need to be followed.

It has been two weeks since your Fire and Water Test.

You are expected to have done what is required of your chosen Direction.

Hakari, the Revered Ancestor of Tokyo will be receiving you with a Lantern Festival within the hallowed halls of the Forbidden Shrine, deep below the Imperial Palace.

There the convergence of Dragon Lines have been manipulated to create a pocket dimension of Yin and Yang energies. This world is set on an endless tide pool, where it is said beneath the surface are the faces of those the Court has decreed to drown for eternity. In every direction, only a giant waterfall can be seen in the distance, stretching into the clouds and giving the whole place a refreshing mist that only adds to the ethereal qualities of the realm. Floating stones rise just above the water, forming into a courtyard toward the only building in sight, a massive shrine the color of blood and fire. Great gold statues of samurai and scholars and strategists of Japanese history adorn the floating courtyard all the way up to the steps of the Shrine.

Here the newest members of the Court will be named and given their place- Their Dharma, Direction, Guanxi, and Wu.

Player Knowledge!
Each Member must announce their new name, and renounce their old one, then recite the specific passage of the Great Principle they will protect and lead their wu into understanding.

The proclamation goes in this particular order:
“I, who was once (Human Name), no longer exist. Only (Court Name) remains. I accept (Wu Name) as my one true family, and accept (Names of your fellow wu-mates) as my brothers and sisters in mind, body, and spirit. (Your Specific Tenet of the Fivefold Way). Of this I will remind my family, and accept my role as (Direction). Together we will uphold the tenets of our Dharmic Paths, the Laws of the Court, and the Great Principle or else Face the Eye of Heaven.”

Then the new wu will be given it’s first official task, and ceremonies of celebration will ensue.



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