Kindred of the East: the Song of Lanterns

The Package

Truths about the mission:

Deliver the Package to Lo Pan in Hong Kong

1. The Sword is the Dragon of the Night.
2. The Pack of the Fiery Pinion is meddling with the Wu
3. Thrace’s name is mentioned again
4. Ninja Warrior!
5. Lo Pan is underground
6. There is a fight at a park
7. Lo Pan’s body is abandoned…
8. Jake finds Asuka
9. The only way to get into Lo Pan’s lair is through the Umbra
10. Kumo show up
11. The Hungry Queen of Alabaster shows up to help.
12. The First ONI tests the Wu
13. The Sword does not want to reach Lo Pan
14. The Fourth Storm asks for the Wu’s help



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