• Aska Soto

    Aska Soto

    A fiery young woman who often acts before she thinks
  • Kaji


    He is thin and stylish. His hair color changes from week to week from one bizarre style to another and the only pattern to his sense of style is that he always wears clothes that display his chaotic sense of fassion
  • Kumokaze no Kamekichi

    Kumokaze no Kamekichi

    雲風のカメ吉, The Lucky Devil of the Clouds and Rain, Lucky Son of a Bitch, Lucky Son of a Motherless Whore, Lucky
  • Kyoko Akito 慊人 杏子

    Kyoko Akito 慊人 杏子

    "The Slave with a Second Chance"
  • Silent Storm

    Silent Storm

    Before you stands a tall man with dark hair who is dressed impeccably. His face is aged and his smile kind, betraying the sinister feeling you get when his dark eyes meet yours.
  • Uetake Kenta

    Uetake Kenta

    A huge man with wide shoulders and strong limbs. He has a firm and prodigious gut showing his strength. He wears a black demon-faced kimono and traditional yori sandals and tabi. He carries with him a large tetsubo.
  • Yuya Tanaka

    Yuya Tanaka

    Song of Shadows