Hanna Yuki


Nature: Celebrant
Deminor: Caregiver
P’O: The Monkey
Balance: Balance
Direction: Center (Teacher of Dancing)
Color: Yellow
Number: 5
Darma: The Path of The Thrashing Dragon
Stength – 00
Dex – 00
Stamina – 000
Charisma – 0000
Manupulation – 000
Apperiance – 000
Perception – 00
Intellegence – 000
Wits – 000

Alertness – 00
Althletics – 0
Brawl –
Dodge – 0
Empathy – 00
Expression – 0
Intimidation – 0
Leadership – 00
Streetwise – 0
Subtrafuge – 00
Animal Ken – 0
Craft –
Drive -
Etiquette – 0
Firearms –
Martial Arts – 000
Melee –
Performance – 0
Stealth – 0
Suvival – 0
Computer –
Finance –
Investigation –
Law – 0
Linguistics – 00
Medicine -
Occult –
Politics – 00
Rituals – 0
Science -

Demon Shintai – 0
Equilibrium – 0
Chi’iu Muh – 0

Alternet Idendity – 0
Herd – 00
Horiscope – 00
Nushi – 00
Rites – 00

Compulsion – Can Never Harm Children – Rank 4
Compulsion – Can Never Say No To Sex – Rank 3

Yin: 000000
Yang: 000000

Hun: 0000000
P’O: 00000

Willpower: 0000000


Yuki is a soft spoken, very young looking, gental individual. He is quick to smile a charming smile that would comfort any tortured soul. He looks fairly androgonous and usually very trendy.
Do to his nature he comes across as a Caregiver, one who it there to take care of you. At Heart he is a Celebrant… in leading new Kuei-jin. Yuki considers each successful new Kuei-jin that he brings into the world fully a personal accomplishment. He is Passionate about “raising” them and bringing them into the folds of the Thrashing Dragon. Every now and then there are ones that are more successful or touch him deeper then the others. He has told other Kuei-jin that with these special few he makes sure to find a way he always remember them and them him, but no one really knows what he does. Some say he gets a tattoo of something that reminds him of them. Other says he has a child with them. No one fully knows and if any of his former students do they haven’t told anyone.

Yuki died just before he turned 19. He had grown up in Japan with his Father and Mother and 3 older brothers Hotaru, Kenta, and Ryoto. There was a bit of a gap between Yuki and Ryoto. His mother had beleved she was done with children so he was a bit of a surprise. It was always known while he was growing up that his two oldest brothers, Hotaru and Kenta, would get the family business and would be the leads. There were not to many times that Yuki could remember his family talking about Ryoto’s future. He was always getting into trouble. There was a time that he remembered a fight Ryoto and their father had were their father said he was going to send Ryoto to live with his Uncle, but that never happened.
Yuki always respected all of his brothers and they were a major influence on him, for better or worse. He didn’t think a lot for himself growing up and asked their oppinion on everything. Hotaru always told him to take the pratical way, no time for fun, fun will happen when you are successful. Kenta always told him to take they way that would appease their mother and father, if you get their favor they will find a place in the business for you. Ryoto always told him how to get into trouble….
When Yuki was 13 he remembered coming home from school seeing Ryoto and their father in a horrible fight. He never knew what it was about but he remembered Ryoto leaving.
The next five years shaped Yuki. He found the tutelage of his older brothers sufficating. He came to learn he was becoming them and not himself, but he had become so depended on them he never lived for himself, never made one wrong move.
Then there came the night that Ryoto came home. Yuki remembered waking up with Ryoto’s hand over his mouth motioning for him to stay quiet. He lead Yuki out of the house.
He explained his life was great and he had joined a street gang. He asked Yuki if he would join too, to escape the life he had there.
Yuki agreed. The next evening the gang demanded that Yuki undergo an initiation. They told him he had to rob a man.
Yuki trapped the man at the end of a dark alley. He beat his body until his white shirt was stained with the man’s blood. He demanded his wallet… and then the world changed.
He felt a sharp pain in his stomach and a twist of a knife. His body lay in the alley as the rain came down and he died slowly. Noone from the gang, not even his brother came to get him.

He drug himself from hell and back to the Middle Kingdom with a passion like no other. This time he would live for himself. This time he would teach others to live instead of being lead down the path of others. This is how he would find enlightenment and finally make right on his Karmic Path…

Hanna Yuki

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