Kumokaze no Kamekichi

雲風のカメ吉, The Lucky Devil of the Clouds and Rain, Lucky Son of a Bitch, Lucky Son of a Motherless Whore, Lucky


Song: Storm – Yoshida Brothers

Dexterity: 5
Strength: 2
Stamina: 3

Charisma: 1
Manipulation: 3
Appearance: 2

Intelligence: 3
Perception: 2
Wits: 3

Alertness – 3
Athletics – 2
Dodge – 3
Streetwise – 2 Specialty: Yakuza
Subterfuge – 3

Firearms – 5+1=6 Specialty: Pistols (Joss Bound, +1 die per Joss point and Agg dam)
Martial Arts – 2 Hard – Dragon Tail Sweep, Damaging Block

Meditation 3
Portents 3 Specialty: Joss
Linguistics 3 (Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Russian) Japanese native
Lore: Kuijin 1 Specialty: Dharmas
Occult 1

Tzu Wei – 2
Passive Joss
Active Joss
Joss Binding

Age – 1 (149 years old)
Face – 2 – Mother is a Jinna of the Court
Resources – 1 – Just lost everything but what was in my car and on me when I left my gang.
Nushi – 2 (4-2=2) Temple Fu Dog: Chow! Materialize (can appear as any type of dog)(2), Dragon Sight, Reform, Rage 2, Gnosis 7, Willpower 3, 40 Chi (2), Can command me to complete important tasks for him (guard this temple from the akuma!) (-2), Granted Power: Heavenly Bark: Player spends 1 Yang Chi and 1 Yin Chi and rolls Int+Portents (Diff 7, Spirits roll Gnosis) If successful, he adds the successes to the dice pool of his next action, as long as that action is taken immediately after the shout (within one turn) and is in defense of a good cause.

Self-Control: 4
Conscience: 1
Courage: 5
Max Humanity: 10-(P’o+Age) = 8
Humanity (Self Control + Courage) = 8
Joss (Humanity): 8
Joss Points: 7 (1 bound to Firearms)
Willpower (Courage): 5
Yin Chi (Self-Control): 4
Yang Chi (Courage): 5
P’o: 1
Demon Chi: 1
The Bandit

Merits & Flaws
Ambidextrous – 1
Dharmic Schooling – 1
Enemy +4 Powerful Kuijin or maybe SF0?
Haunted +3 My P’o or an ancestor, up to GM

Two pearl-handled and engraved SigSauer 229 pistols in .40 cal Hollow Points
Difficulty:6 Range:30yards Rate:4 Conceal:Pocket Clip:12 Initiative:1 Accuracy:1 Damage:5+2=7
Heavy Longcoat and flashy Yakuza Suits (Armor: 1)
Sports Car – Nissan Fairlady Z white
About 50,000 yen


She always called me, “Child.” Never, “Son,” or, “My son,” or even a name like Ichiro, but then I’ve never learned if I am her only child. She never speaks of such things. She never speaks of a lot of things, but then I know if she did she’d disapprove. I can see it in her eyes.

Do you even know the story of how I was born and came to be here?

You don’t?

Ha! Well, you’ll enjoy this. Refill your whiskey, this’ll take awhile.

So it was a bit more than a decade before the Boshin Wars, before the Restoration that I was born. Mom was set up in Mikawa in the Clouds and Rain district near Nagashino. She was a baishun, a whore. Which means I’m a son of a whore, because that’s when she had me., while she was a whore. I don’t know who my father was, probably some fat merchant or some Bakuto boss who died in an alleyway somewhere.

I was a problem for her. The Ama always said my mother was delighted that she was pregnant with me and was so happy when I was born, but I could see the lie in her eyes. The House Mother was more my mother than my own mother when I was young. She fed me and clothed me, just like all the other children of the other whores.

Soon I was running in my own gang around town, and had started playing dice. But that was dangerous. I won too often, and I got into a few too many fights. My boss made me a dealer, that helped things, and I could almost feel whether the dice were Cho or Han. It even got to a point where I knew what they were going to be before I turned over the cup. Almost like I could decide what they were going to be. I got rich quick, or my boss did until someone stole all our money and left him floating in the same ditch the Takeda died in.

Mother tried to make me stop, but I was on a roll. I had the biggest Bakuto in the province and we made bank every night! And I got lucky in all the fights, so what was there to worry? Hell, when that bitch came to drag me back to her hovel I told her to fuck off. I told her she wasn’t my mother. I told her I knew what she had made me eat that one night on my thirteenth birthday. It wasn’t dog meat. I almost told her that I knew what she was. I didn’t really, not at that time. I thought she was some sort of mermaid stuck on land, or maybe a Kitsune trapped by the Ama. I was almost a big enough fool to voice my crazy ideas in front of my gang there, but I didn’t. I was lucky.

She left Mikawa. And I got called on by Kuroda Kiyotaka. Yeah, that Kiyotaka. He was short up on men, and the Tokugawa were more prepared than the Imperials had guessed. They needed some guys to break up their front lines, sabotage shipments, capture messengers, all sorts of Fifth Column stuff. And he came to me. Sure I had 86 hardened men under me, and I had beaten six other Bakuto wannabe oyabun who had wanted to challenge me, but I was sixteen!

My entire Bakuto came with me. Well not really came, but they didn’t leave. We stayed right in Nagashino and the Tokugawa never suspected. We had bought some Tokugawa messenger kimono off of some Tekiya and from a distance they looked like the same kimono the regular Tokugawa soldiers wore. We wrought havoc throughout the district. The Tokugawa were furious. They searched us so many times, and whenever I was there we never got caught, and my guys were smart enough to never give themselves away because a few of the guards in Nagashino jail owed us huge debts and we’d rough them up a bit, stage a breakout, and write off some of their debt.

Kumokaze no Kamekichi

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