Ryan Chen, Hua Xiao Chen, Phoenix Chen


Alias: Ryan Chen
Real Name: Hua Xiao Chen
Apparent Age: 19
Race: Dhampyr
Height: 5’7
Weight: 129
Concept: Runaway
Powers: Black Wind
Quote: “To be continued…!”


Dexterity: 5
Strength: 2
Stamina: 3

Charisma: 1
Manipulation: 3
Appearance: 2

Intelligence: 3
Perception: 2
Wits: 3



Alertness – 3
Athletics – 2
Dodge – 3
Streetwise – 2 Specialty: Parkour
Subterfuge – 3


Firearms – 5+1=6 Specialty: Pistols (Joss Bound, +1 die per Joss point and Agg dam)
Martial Arts – 2 Hard – Dragon Tail Sweep, Damaging Block


Meditation 3
Portents 3 Specialty: Joss
Linguistics 3 (Japanese, Cantonese, English, Russian) Mandarin native
Lore: Kuei-jin 1 Specialty: Dharmas
Occult 1


Tzu Wei – 2
Passive Joss
Active Joss
Joss Binding


Age – 1 (139 years old)
Face – 2 – Mother and father are a Jina of the Bone Court
Resources – 1
Nushi – 2 (4-2=2) Temple Fu Dog: Fu! Materialize (can appear as any type of dog)(2), Dragon Sight, Reform, Rage 2, Gnosis 7, Willpower 3, 40 Chi (2), Can command me to complete important tasks for him (guard this temple from the akuma!) (-2), Granted Power: Heavenly Bark: Player spends 1 Yang Chi and 1 Yin Chi and rolls Int+Portents (Diff 7, Spirits roll Gnosis) If successful, he adds the successes to the dice pool of his next action, as long as that action is taken immediately after the shout (within one turn) and is in defense of a good cause.


Self-Control: 4
Conscience: 1
Courage: 5
Max Humanity: 10-(P’o+Age) = 8
Humanity (Self Control + Courage) = 8
Joss (Humanity): 8
Joss Points: 7 (1 bound to Firearms)
Willpower (Courage): 5
Yin Chi (Self-Control): 4
Yang Chi (Courage): 5
P’o: 1
Demon Chi: 1
P’o Demeanor: The Barbarian

Merits & Flaws

Ambidextrous – 1
Dharmic Schooling – 1
Enemy +4 (Kumokaze no Kamekichi)
Haunted +3 (Sees his P’o mainfested as a blue ghost of himself)


Two pearl-handled and engraved SigSauer 229 pistols in .40 cal Hollow Points
Difficulty:6 Range:30yards Rate:4 Conceal:Pocket Clip:12 Initiative:1 Accuracy:1 Damage:5+2=7
Heavy Longcoat and flashy Yakuza Suits (Armor: 1)
Sports Car – Mazda Rx8 Black with custom “Screaming Skulls” paint job
About 50,000 yen


White suit

Hua was the son of a powerful Kuei Jin elder, in the lavish Courts of the Middle Kingdom, his mother was also a Kuei Jin. As such his birth was a rarity and looked upon as an auspicious omen. His training began as soon he learned to walk, but even at a young age Hua had a rebellious streak and often disobeyed his teachers and the servants hired to watch after him, even costing a few their lives.

By the time he was a young teenager he had learned to manipulate those around him to his own advantage, including even his own father, Shao. The other elders saw through this and began to whisper that the boy was a disgrace to their Courts and could not be expected to ever gain the achievements of his father without proper discipline. Though Hua excelled in his training even thought he only put in half effort it became clear to Shao that in order to save his own face and position in the Court he’d have to punish his son severely and humiliate him to break him. He never got the chance to, the day Shao had planned to carry this out was interrupted when it had been discovered that Hua had escaped and ran away the night before.

Hua had escaped to the United States by means of an illegal cargo ship. The States were last place he thought his Father and the other elders would ever try to find him, he’s spent the last few years trying to dodge them and blend in as a normal person, trying to quell the demon that seeks to lead him astray and even trying to attend a local college in New Orleans under the guise of being an foreign exchange student.

He never stays in once place too long, his past often coming back to haunt him. He decided to go to Japan, where he found it was easier to play ball with the local gaki than the Kuei-jin of China. They at least paid really well, and introduced him to the concept of Kai-zen, constant never-ending improvement.

Now he prides himself in being the thorn in the side of another Dhampyr, Kumokaze no Kamekichi, “Lucky” to his friends.

Ryan Chen, Hua Xiao Chen, Phoenix Chen

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