Silent Storm

Before you stands a tall man with dark hair who is dressed impeccably. His face is aged and his smile kind, betraying the sinister feeling you get when his dark eyes meet yours.


Song: Sound of Madness by Shinedown

Nature: Loner
Demeanor: Director
P’o Nature: The Legalist
Balance: Yin
Direction: North

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4 (Lithe)
Stamina: 3
Charisma: 1
Manipulation: 4 (Persuasive)
Appearance: 1
Perception: 4 (Alert)
Intelligence: 4 (Good Memory)
Wits: 2

Alertness 2
Athletics 1
Dodge 3

Torture 1
Etiquette 3
Firearms 2
Martial Arts 3
Performance 1

Enigmas 3
Linguistics 1
Medicine 3
Rituals 3


  • Demon Form 1 (+1 Armor)
  • Bone Shintai 1
  • Scrutinize 1
  • Chi’iu Muh 1

Jade Artifact 1 (Harmony Charm)
Jade Artifact 2 (Amulet of Spirit Speech)
Resources 2
Rites 4

  • Trace the Dragon’s Blood
  • Imbuing the Jade
  • Asserting the heavenly Privlege of Yang Demon Command
  • The Deceptive Jade Chains of Yin Demon Command

Dharmic Path: Howl of the Devil Tiger 1
Hun: 2
P’o: 3
Willpower: 5
Yin Chi: 4
Yang Chi: 2

5 · Earthbound

You have an inherent need to feel something solid underfoot. You avoid traveling by airplane whenever possible, dislike water (even if you’re able to swim) and otherwise do whatever you can to remain “on the ground.” Even when you travel through the Umbra, this feeling of discomfort accompanies you. You’re only at ease when you’ve actually arrived at some “solid” place in the Umbra. You must spend a point of Willpower in order to board a place, use a gift that allows flight, or take some similar action that separates you from terra forma. You must also make a Willpower roll whenever you enter the Umbra to avoid having to suffer a +1 difficulty to all your actions while beyond the Gauntlet

2 · Vengeance

You have a score to settle. This may be something from your days before the Change, or may be from after the Change. Either way, you’re obsessed with wreaking vengeance on an individual (or perhaps an entire group), and make it your first priority in all situations. The need for vengeance can only be overcome temporarily with the use of Willpower Points. Someday you may have your revenge, but the Storyteller won’t make it easy. The need for vengeance can only be overcome by spending Willpower Points, and even then, it only temporarily subsides.


Toshi’s story begins in modesty. In a small house at the edge of a small city with a small family and a small dog. His parents Isao and Eiko Fukui sent him to the school down the street where his teachers encouraged him to grow as much as possible. As the years passed he prospered and eventually he left his parents house to go to college in the big city. When asked what his defining characteristic was his teachers and peers often spoke of his drive and persistence. He graduated a year early with the highest of honors and it is this point where most people began to recognize him. He was hired by Motou International Networking Enterprises the renowned multinational company and began his work immediately. His work in their pharmaceutical branch was revolutionary, his updates to modern medicinal standards were breakthrough. He made many friends in many places including current company CEO Gary Richards. Together the two seemed unstoppable as they climbed the company ladder until the tragic passing of the company’s founder Toshiro Motou. The next two months were surely the best of his life as he became the CEO and pushed the company seemingly to its limits, but sadly it was not to be. His tragic fall from the top of their headquarters was a black day in recent history. Despite rumors surrounding his lavish lifestyle and the circumstances of his death he will surely be missed by many.

- Asami Fukui for The Daily Yomiuri

Silent Storm

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